AMerge Media

AMerge can better target, scale, and effectively reach voters through digital media. Our technology and relationship with a wide range of publishers, particularly in the ethnic media, allows us to provide cutting edge targeting and understanding of the media landscape throughout California.


Voter file / IP targeting, lookalike audiences, geo-targeting, in-language ethnic voter targeting

Effective Campaign Strategies

Experts in multi-cultural communications and strategy with the ability to create digital assets to speak to appropriate target audiences

Publisher Partnerships

Extensive relationships and partnerships with media publications and websites throughout America which allows us to offer superior pricing

Superior Pricing

We’ve done the work for you; our partnerships allow us to offer superior pricing


Cutting edge technology to enable campaigns to connect with the right publishers and media outlets to maximize scale, efficiency and outcome. Many smaller regional ethnic publications are not fully optimized to receive digital ad spending – AMerge solves this.